I have had the pleasure of working with the Audio Farm crew for many years now, and they have decide to up-the-anti by selling tickets to all of their events including the infamous Audio Farm Festival through their new online ticketing system.

The new website is SSL Secured which means the little green padlock you see in the address bar encrypts all data that passes from the browser to the server. For the user this means that any personal data that is entered on checkout is securely encrypted.

Once the user has purchased their tickets for any given event and completed the transaction they are sent to their confirmation page where they can download their ticket or choose to save their PDF ticket to their device. At the event the AF team have barcode scanning in action meaning that they can quickly and easily check party goers into the event. The idea behind the new ticketing system is simply to speed up the process from purchase to check-in.

Audio Farm Festival

The Audio Farm Festival is a unique and forward thinking event that fuses music, art, culture and awareness into a communal gathering of music and creativity. Their ethos is centered on creating an open minded environment where performers, artists, musicians, and creatives can thrive. Audio Farm’s music is an eclectic, yet carefully curated range of styles and sounds that keeps a heightened atmosphere throughout the daytime and late into the night. During the hours of sunlight the music brings a blend of live bands where Electronic, Acoustic, Funk, Folk, Gypsy Folk, Soul, Reggae, Psychedelic and alternative sounds can be heard across two live stages and also a stage hosting some of the best underground DJ’s playing House and Disco records in the open air. At night the music takes a predominantly electronic turn where the most cutting edge in House, Techno and Bass orientated beats are played across three rooms of sound.

You can read more and view the new website for Audio Farm Festival here: https://www.audiofarmfestival.com/

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