The first stage is understanding what your business is all about

I start the process by getting to know your business and outlining the key services that you offer to your clients. I then check out the competition, analyse the most used keywords searched (demographically if required), and use this information to give you the best chance of pole position.

Keyword research is one of the most important stages of web design if you want to get ahead of the competition, so it’s essential that we gather detailed statistics on how many people are searching for your search terms (keywords) in any given area.

Once we have the required data we can then move forward with planning each section of your site based on these most commonly used keywords or search terms and ensuring that your site is ready to be found from the outset, it also provides your business with a great foundation for a successful SEO campaign after launch.


The Content

In the world of web design content is king

contentThe next stage and one of the most important is the content.

WordPress has an easy to use interface that allows any authorised user to add content and images to each of the pages, just like you would do using a word document.

I usually require most of the written content to come from you but I can help you with this by providing a copywriting service if required.

At this stage I can provide you with login details to the sites backend where you can add the initial content to your site. After we have enough information we can then update and edit this to work better for SEO purposes.

The end design all depends on how much content I have to work with, so the design phase is not completely looked at until we have enough initial text and image content for the site.

* The image here shows the pages section in the backend of the site where content can be added to the pages.

Design Phase

Lets get creative!

This is where I get to do my magic. I use leading industry standard software by Adobe: Photoshop and Illustrator to design the initial concepts for your new website. These designs are then carefully looked over to ensure that key factors are met before proceeding with the build. Important key factors include: brand matching, responsive design and most importantly user experience.


The Build

This is where I bring the designs to life using standards-compliant code

All of my websites are built using the award winning content management system WordPress. Once I have installed and secured the framework on the server we then get to work on the creating the layout and functionality of the site.


Device / User Testing

User testing is essential and ensures that your website looks great on all devices

Times move fast, new devices emerge and screen size and resolutions appear overnight, this means I have to test drive your sites pages across a multitude of devices to make sure that the user experience stays the same.



Once all final checks have been carried out we launch your website!

The live date is the most exciting part of the process and means that you can now show the world the new extension to your business.

This however is not the end of your journey with me. I can help further by analysing your websites data and look at ongoing SEO for your new site to ensure its being found by users looking for your services

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