In a recent study a poll revealed that a staggering 75% of web users indicated that “POOR VISUAL PRESENTATION” was the No.1 element that drives them away from websites within the first 10 seconds.

So… why do you need a website?


1. Well… a website is today’s phone book listing.

This is the single most important reason – so if you’re going to skip the rest, at least listen up here for just a second.

Seriously, people today don’t use the phone book any more to find a business or otherwise. With mobile devices always in hand, it’s a matter of doing a quick search – whether it’s for “Web Design in Wrexham” or more specifically, the exact business name, for example, “Human & Cargo Creative” – the end result is the same, no website equals being unlisted. People are using web searches as a replacement for the phonebook, so for this reason alone, and even if you just have to put up a two page information and contact area for your business, by all means, take this minimum step.

2. Your customers expect it.

It’s a sign of professionalism.

When you refer your customers to your website or when they find you via a web search, it’s reassuring to them to know you’re vested in your business. Having a professional looking website can do wonders for your image and trustworthiness. It tells your clients that you take your business seriously, which in turn tells them that you’ll treat their projects professionally too.

3. You’ve got to keep pace with the competition.

Again, the larger businesses in the industry have been using websites for a long time to drum up business and provide a valuable resource for their existing customers. We all know it’s a competitive environment out there—but with a well designed and implemented website, even the solo tradesperson can play in the same league with much larger competition.

4. A well-designed website can be a lead producing machine for your business.

And talk about profitable

once your website is up and running and delivering these leads, the ongoing costs are pretty much limited to a yearly web hosting fee. In other words, having a website that’s optimised to rank well in the search engines can often provide enough new business to eliminate the need for other types of costly advertising and marketing.

5. You can share your projects with your customers via your website.

You do great work and you’re proud of the craftsmanship you offer.

Why not show it off?

A website is a perfect way to create an ongoing portfolio full of photos of your work. And with a CMS (Content Management System) tied into your website, you can even log right in and upload the photos from your latest projects each time you complete them. You might even consider doing a “before and after” series of photos.

Remember…a picture is worth a thousand words!

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